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    Some of the more common questions about Zenco


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    The companies are completely separate and also completely friendly with each other. We worked together previously with the predecessor of Zenco. Our products, prices, & policies are the exact same. serves US based consumers with super fast shipping (usually same day or next day fulfillment). Give us a call/text if you have concerns or special requests (323-553-7940).

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    Delivery for most locations in the US is 2-4 days, depending on destination. We also have a next day shipping option. We pride ourselves on being Zenco's fastest shipper!

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    Yes we provide a 1 year limited warranty. Please see our Support Page for details


    Glassware is dishwasher safe. Please use isopropyl alcohol to clean Flow glassware.

    PDF Tip & Tricks with Images

    Cleaning / Maintaining Zenco Center 510 Adaptor Ring

    Remove the Center 510 Adaptor ring from the Zenco by unscrewing counter clockwise.  It can be tight from the resin build up creating a weld.  Rubber gloves can help.  If it is too tight, add an atomizer coil and run a bit to heat up to help loosen the bond.  Careful will be  Hot. 

    ** Recommended to check beneath the ring every couple sessions for build up.**

    Notice the Brass tip of the center ring.  It is crucial to keep this clean for positive contact and good airflow.  Also be careful not to lose the brass tip,  as it can slide from the rubber insulation.  The brass is the positive contact and the thread is the Negative contact.

    Clean all contacts beneath the center ring with 99% Isopropyl / denatured alcohol or similar and a Q tip. 

    Ensure the Air hole is also clear and not blocked with Resin

    Center ring can be soaked in Isopropyl for an hour or two for a deep clean.  Allow to dry before re-installing.


    Ensure the charging cable is fully inserted into the Zenco, You should hear / feel a click.

    Charge for 1 ½ - 2 hours, even after the light has turned green.

    Powering up

    Unplug the charging cable from the Zenco.  Will not function while plugged in.

    The power button is Tap not push.  ‘Tap 5 times to power up, sometimes 6 taps in case you miss a beat.

    Once powered up, screw in your coil or cart.  You should see the light flash once showing that you have made a connection.  Hand tighten from there.

    We recommend starting on the lowest temperature (yellow) and working your way up if needed. (three taps to change voltages) Low and Slow.

    Coils / Atomizers

    Before first use, give a quick heating on High (red) to burn off any factory residue.

    Do not overfill the coils, as it will restrict the airflow.  Just a Dab'll do ya.

    Quartz coils can be tricky to clean as the coils are open and can be damaged by poking around in there.  If your unit flash’s red 3 times after cleaning or poking around in there, it means there is a short circuit in the coil and a new one is required.  Coils are replaceable and not covered under Warranty.

    Ceramic coils are much easier to care for.  Q tip and Isopropyl, swish around for a quick clean.

    Ceramic, Quartz coils and Center ring can be soaked in 99% Isopropyl for a couple hours for a deep clean.  Let dry well before use.

    Do Not submerge or rinse with Water!


    Ensure your cartridge has a bottom air hole.  Most do, but not always.

    ½ g and 1g carts fit perfectly.  Some of the larger carts can hit the top of the diffuser in the glass and block the vapor and create a mess inside the Zenco.  If you do have a longer than normal cart just lift the glass a bit until the vapor starts to fill.

    **Carts Clog, some more than others.  If there is no vapor within 2 seconds of pressing the button please stop.  Carts heat up instantly and if clogged, the oil will just leak down into the unit and create a resin mess and waste.

    Blow through the bottom hole of the cart to ensure airflow.  There should be no resistance when blowing.  If Clogged you can usually blow through the bottom or suck through the top tip to unclog.  If clogged real bad use a safety pin or paper clip to clear the passageway.

    **We highly recommend only filling glass to top of black diffuser at most for best flavor and experience.  The more you fill the glass the hotter the oil in the cartridge gets and overheating the oil leads to bad flavor and smell.  While it looks great in videos with the vapor flowing out of the glass, the reality is most carts are 90% plus THC.  For most people, including seasoned professionals this leads to Greening out which is no fun and no one needs to experience this.  Enjoy 4-5 smaller glasses vs one big one!


    For easy cleaning (if build up is not too bad), remove silicone diffuser and place glass in dishwasher (DUO or Flow) silicone diffuser can be washed with dish soap.

    For deep cleaning remove silicone diffuser.  Duo glass can be wiped with an Isopropyl cotton ball / pad on the inside of the glass.  Flow glass can be placed upside down inside a large ziplock bag and pour Isopropyl into the black Percolator. 

    Duo Glass, do not add water or ice as it will leak out and into the unit causing permanent damage.  For a smoother experience use a straw.

    Flow Glass - fill water into the top of the glass, just under half of the black percolator works well.  Substitute a warm herb tea to match your terpene profile is also nice.

    Flow Glass - do not plug the hole of the glass with your finger.  It is not a carb hole.  It's to allow vapor to enter and air to exit.  Blocking the hole can cause reverse suction with the water above and leak down into the unit. Be careful the water does not get into the Zenco base.

    Enjoy the Zenco Life!

    Your Zenco unit comes with a 1 year limited warranty. If you have any issues with your Zenco, reach out to our support team at . They are awesome and will take care of you.

    Yes. Check out of PLUS packages, where you can get a Zenco Duo or Flow unit PLUS extra glasses for a bundle price. In addition, we offer special bundle pricing on Zenco DUO units with added Duo glasses. Reach out via our chat feature for details.


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