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    Is Zenco Best for Cannabis Newbies or True Connoisseurs?

    Is Zenco Best for Cannabis Newbies or True Connoisseurs?

    We received this question the other day from a customer who gave us a call (yes, we have a phone number)!  Most of the questions we receive are similar and we address these often on our YouTube Channel.  But this one caught us off guard a bit...and so we will address it here.  

    The Zenco is really a versatile device and can be used for both cannabis newbies as well as connoisseurs.  This site is full of reasons the connoisseurs love The Zenco, so today we will focus on the reasons the best table top vaporizer on the planet is a great choice for the newer cannabis consumer.  

    First and foremost, The Zenco is simple to use and control your dosage.  We all remember our 'early days' of consumption and those times when we perhaps inhaled a bit too much of the neighborhood sheba.  That can be an awful experience for the new user.  The concept of being too high does sound funny to some of us cannabis veterans, but it's important to realize how important the new consumer is for the industry.  And why their first experiences using cannabis needs to be pleasant or else we might lose them forever.  With Zenco, you can control the amount of vapor you take in because its easy to see how much is in the glass.  You can also 'sip the vapor' in slow increments versus taking it all down in one.  The Zenco Duo glasses (and Cafe, Sommelier, and To-Go-Cups) allow for easy dose control AND give the new user their own glass to drink the vapor at the rate they feel most comfortable. 

    Next, The Zenco is very 'share friendly'.  How many first time users get baked by themselves?  Probably a very low percentage.  The first time is almost always with friends.  The Zenco is made for sharing and the normalization of a shared cannabis experience.   Sharing in the experience helps first timers feel more comfortable as they transcend to higher ground. 

    Finally, The Zenco is more hygienically sound that 95% of the devices on the market.  The difference between passing a joint and passing a Zenco Sommelier glass are night and day for the rookies.  A joint is dirty and needs to be hit properly in social circles.  A Zenco glass half full of a tasty elixir is much more civilized and won't require users to have to wash their hands after the experience like a joint or rarely cleaned bong.  

    If you are new to the world of cannabis and have questions about if The Zenco is right for you, hit us up on the Chat feature.  We're happy to help