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    Re(Open) For Business

    Re(Open) For Business

    ‘When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’.  I’m not sure who the author of that old proverb is, but it's what first popped into my mind when I sat down to write blog number uno….and I tend to ‘say it as I think it’.  A bit of a curse sometimes.  But like a fine wine or fabulous strain that just agrees with you, bluntness can be an acquired taste by some.  Hoping not to alienate the rest of you on day 1 of TheZencoUSA

    I like transparency, so I figured I would address the Bello topic right up front.  As a part of the early team at Bello, it was one of the toughest days in recent memory when I got the call about the founder’s sudden passing.  He was a close friend.  Unfortunately, this tragedy immediately shuttered the business behind the Bello brand.  Bello was an incredible product created by an incredible mind, but was not perfect (what early stage V1 product is?).  We learned quite a bit about the design intricacies required to make a practical glass-fill style vaporizer over that first 18 months (which of course coincided with the launch of Covid).  Out of respect for the situation after I received the tragic call, I put my personal Bello unit on a back closet shelf that very afternoon. The beloved product would not see the light of day for many many months to come. 

    Roughly 7 months later, a fellow Bello network colleague tells me about Zenco.  After receiving the unit, I knew within the first few hours that the product was well thought through and built a few features around the shortcomings of the Bello vaporizer.   A smaller base unit makes transport much easier, where there is really no need for a travel/packing case (although probably depends on how many glasses you plan to travel with).   The glasses are nearly identical but the diffuser on the Zenco unit is better in that it grips onto the base unit (vs sitting over it as the glass did with Bello).   The Zenco glasses are also a little taller.  The battery on the Zenco unit works very well.  It’s a quick charge and intuitive and seems to last much longer than I ever anticipate.  Perhaps the best feature on The Zenco that was a fairly big miss on the Bello, was the quick adjust temperature control.   Zenco works far superior with flower due to the ability to lower the temp.  Seamlessly switch between using carts and coils and much less concentrate overflow with the adjustable temp.  And finally….options.   Not calls and puts…..but regular or bubbly does come to mind.   Zenco offers the traditional glass or the bubbler version called Flow.  And a host of base colors, including a sleek new wood look that slick as on my wood bar.    Overall, I’m super happy with how well the Zenco Vaporizer works and of course, the price being 35% less than Bello,  consumers can’t go wrong there.  Take that inflation!

    The focus of Zenco USA is to focus on resellers and help Zenco NA build a network of retail storefronts selling Zenco products.  I do serve direct to consumer clients and (most of the time) have same day shipping capacities.   Thank You for reading the very first Zenco USA blog entry.  I hope you feel enlightened  (if not, buy a Zenco unit, and I promise you will feel it then!). Stay tuned for future vlogs.