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    The Zenco USA difference

    The Zenco USA difference

    We occasionally get some questions about the difference between and the other Zenco online resellers; so we thought we would answer those for you here.  

    First off, is a small family owned business out of Colorado.  We were part of the original Table Top 'Drink Vapor' revolution called Bello.  Bello unfortunately had to shut down very suddenly and out of the chaos came The Zenco (founded in Canada by a former Bello partner). is an official reseller of Zenco products and offers several advantages to customers when buying from us: 

    1) Fast shipping.  We ship daily, we ship directly from our Colorado office, not through a 3rd party.  We pack each box and hand write notes to every customer thanking them for their order (i.e. good old fashioned customer service).  We offer
    2-3 day shipping for most places in the US.  This is significantly faster than ground shipping service and due to our central US location, we can reach most places.  Note - occasionally we run into some zip codes who do not offer the expedited shipping service.  We use ground for all holiday sales/discounts

    2) Customer Service.  This is such an over used term, so we're not going to over sell it.  But we answer the phone, return voicemails and emails and provide detailed information when our customers have questions or issues. Occasionally we run sales and offer Zenco Discount Codes

    3) Bonus Coils.  There is really only one consumable with Zenco if you use concentrates and/or flower (as opposed to only using 510 pre-filled cartridges) and that is the coils.  We sell single and 5-pack coils in both ceramic (for concentrates) and triple quartz (for flower) and we don't rip you on high shipping costs.  We also include a FREE 5-pack of quartz coils with all Zenco unit purchases*

    4) Support Small Business.  We're quite appreciative of those that support our small business.  Our goal with is to help pay for the seriously expensive college tuition we are currently experiencing with our kids.  When you buy Zenco products from us, you are supporting a humble small business.   Thank You.