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    Zenco is a Huge Hit (Pun Intended) in the Media

    Zenco is a Huge Hit (Pun Intended) in the Media

    Have you seen how much the media is crushin' on The Zenco?  Clearly this is love at first sight.  Sometimes it's best to simply let other's words do the talking...

    Here is a little taste of what the experts are saying: (Logos hot link to stories)

    "This looks unspeakably cool. The Zenco does not shriek “drug paraphernalia;” rather, it’s designed to make cannabis use, you know, normal, even upscale."

    "Introducing the Zenco, a concentrate vaporizer that proudly delivers an unparalleled flavor experience."

    "Their weapon of choice was an elegant tabletop vaporizer called the Zenco Duo that allowed them to inhale cannabis vapor from something that looked like an artisanal highball glass."

    "...We hosted a yachting experience last month, and we used this product called Zenco, which is a cannabis (vapor) concentrate in a drinkable form"